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About me

Hi, I’m Mike Cho, a freelance web designer in Tempe, Arizona who’s been making sites for at least a decade. I’m married, have a lovely daughter and a sometimes-good German Shepherd dog.

I make clean, professional WordPress sites for people who need a web presence or e-commerce store.

Mike Cho, website designer

My weird ideas about websites

My personality type has sometimes been compared to that of Spock, from Star Trek. I like logic and order. That unusual trait carries over to how I work on websites.

  • 1   ·   if someone Googles you, it’s important that your site pops up.
  • 2   ·   The website must present a professional or otherwise attractive appearance. The first impression is key–the site should load quickly and look good.
  • 3   ·   the design of the site educate your clients, pre-select them if necessary, and guide them along a pathway that ends with them contacting you, ready to use your services.

In other words, the first job is that the site should be findable, that it looks nice, and that it serves to help drive a sale. These topics require knowledge of SEO, design, and the technical skill to make a site that loads fast and without errors.

The great thing is that anyone can learn how to do these things. The bad thing is that learning these things takes time, and along the way, there will be mistakes that will cause delays, lost sales, and frustration.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • WordPress   ·   I build most of my sites in WordPress. It’s easiest for the clients and gives them unmatched flexibility.
  • Custom   ·   What sets my sites apart from Wix or Squarespace? Customization. The DIY solutions are limited, and you usually run up against these limitations.
  • Artistic   ·   I’m also a professional guitarist.
  • E-commerce   ·   I can build out a complex Woocommerce site for you.
  • Guidance   ·   Experience helps understand what works and what doesn’t. Advice is free 🙂
  • Programming   ·   I know programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS. We’re not limited to just clicking buttons.
  • Local   ·   I live in Tempe, Arizona with my wife, daughter, and Jupiter, a German shepherd.