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    Miskatonic Main Campus

    Arkham's finest institution of higher-learning, located in picturesque Essex County, Massachusetts. A leader in archaeology, anthropology, physics, and the interaction of said disciplines.

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    Ancient History and What It Can Teach Us

    The sages and researches of eons past uncovered incredible knowledge, and inexplicably buried much of it. Join the effort to unearth this arcana!

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    The Aether and Other Cutting-Edge Research

    Miskatonic has long had a reputation of "going where others fear to tread." Whether your interests lie in the nature of physical phenomena, human psychology, or exotic chemical/physical effects, we have a degree program for you!

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Welcome to Miskatonic University!

Pride of Arkham, Massachusetts, Miskatonic U is dedicated to the study of Science, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Business, and Law. Browse our offerings and see if our University is right for you!

Recent News

March 21

Having long had an interest in the lost knowledge of the ancients, naturally I was fascinated to finally gain access to the famous Book of Eibon. My anticipation, it turns out, was satisfi

March 21

The furor over my recent lecture about brain beats is highly misplaced, yet it highlights a typical response pattern in society to anything that is truly novel, useful, or visionary.

January 21

Those with interest in human perception and the construction of reality must all be conversant with modern developments pertaining to the aether theory.

March 21

Mr. Gage suffered tragedy in September, 1848 when an iron rod was driven through his skull, destroying much of his frontal lobe. This personal tragedy has been a boon, however, for science.

Upcoming Events

September 3

Alien things are incomprehensible to frail human senses, so we must learn to categorize our pathetic analogues in order to advance human knowledge, no matter how meagerly.

May 13

Join us for the annual Miskatonic tradition of unveiling dark, esoteric knowledge during a candle-lit seance.

April 24

Now all my tales are based on the fundamental premise that common human laws and interests and emotions have no validity or significance in the vast cosmos-at-large.