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Emotion App

Web app with forms, sheets, and a quiz, built in React with localStorage. The flow is to start with About to get an idea of the purpose of the app, then take a quiz to see what parts of the app might be most useful (it has ten independent sections).

The app stores the user's choices in LocalStorage (using react-simple-storage), which then controls which forms are displayed. The user uses forms to record various self-improvement actions and can look at the sheets to see the record over time.

Most of the information is stored in state in the master App.js component, and then stored locally using localStorage.



CRUD App with Bootstrap 4 front-end and MySQL backend. Users can register, login, and then add, update, or delete characters from the database. Image upload is enabled, with images uploading to a directory and path being stored in the database.

Registration, and login with sessions to control authorization of CRUD operations. Conditional logic shows or hides various pages and/or links depending on whether the user is logged-in.


Briny Wordpress Site

Responsive Wordpress site with a sunny, Hawaiian theme. Minimalistic, open, ideal for displaying bold, beautiful images.

With inspiration taken from Squarespace template, Brine. Written in HTML/CSS and ported to make a custom Wordpress theme.


Car Crash Kit

Commercial DIY legal service and assistant, built in WordPress.

Car Crash Kit helps people who've been in a car crash but haven't gotten full compensation from the insurance company. The usecase is someone who is legally owed more money but it's not enough to hire a lawyer.

The app starts with a quiz to determine whether the user is legally eligible for compensation. If so, they can pay and then will get access to a dashboard and the rest of the app.

Car Crash Kit uses simple links to guide the user through the various scenarios they may encounter. When it's time to make a legal document, the user fills out forms and a printable/emailable PDF is generated. Car Crash Kit guides them through the entire sequence of events, up to a lawsuit, which is beyond its scope.

WordPress, Restrict Content Pro, Fillable PDFs

Nite-Time Site

Responsive Wordpress site with a muted, dark-toned look. Complex, cozy, ideal for displaying bold, beautiful images.

With inspiration taken from Nite. Written in HTML/CSS.


Dolphin Watch

Did you know that Dolphin Pirate activity has been increasing over the past several years, making life difficult for whalers, polluters, and fishermen who specialize in endangered species? These Dolphin Pirates are illegal and must be stopped. This is the site of Dolphin Watch, an organization created to stop the Dolphin Pirate Menace!

Dolphin Watch is a fun site for a fake organization I created to show off Bootstrap 4. I probably spent too much time writing the stories of the various pirates, getting the perfect pictures, and setting up the minions' dashboard page and the various modals that Bootstrap makes so easy to deploy.

Bootstrap 4

Shopping List

Shopping List is a souped up todo list built in Node/Express. I designed it in several sections that follow the sequence I take when I go grocery shopping, so instead of everything being in one lump, it displays in sections so you don't have to circle back and get that item in the front of the store you forgot.

The tech is built in Node/Express, using ejs for templates, and based around sending GET and POST to various endpoints. I use cookeSession to store the items in cookies so the list persists with browser exits. It's hosted on Glitch, which takes a while to load up, but once it warms up, it works well, even if doing an http request if you want to store "milk" on a todo list might not be an ideal use of resources.


Tech Site

I wanted a nice-looking, modern site that might work for a tech or SASS company, but I didn't have access to a lot of original art. I found some pretty pngs and based my color schemes and around them.

Everything is hand-coded HTML/CSS.


Conversion Page

A plain HTML/CSS site for a marketing company that specializes in landing pages.


Dog Picker

If you know you want a dog, but don't know what breed you want, Dog Picker can help! This little program, built in JavaScript, randomly spins the dice, scrolls through a gallery of pooches, and reveals your dog destiny!


Game On Site

Responsive Wordpress site with a sharp, minimalitic, fun feel with subtle sliding effects. Menu slider, image slide, blog excerpt slider, and up-to-date calendar. Modern, rad.

With inspiration taken from Arcade. Written in HTML/CSS.


Dog Fu Blog

Web app built in React, hooked up to a Firebase backend. This is a blog, sort of a WordPress clone built in React. The functionality includes adding and editing posts, adding and authenticating users, and adding user-uploaded images.

Firebase takes care a lot of the work, as it hooks up to React with just a few lines of code and does the authenticating with an email.

The subject of the blog is "Dog Kung Fu," but other people from the internet have "contributed," so I can't take all the credit--or blame--for the content!

React, Firebase