Mike's Wordpress Sites


Wordpress is an extremely popular Content Management System you can use to maintain a web presence. About 40% of the internet is using Wordpress (abbreviated "WP"), and for good reason.

Originally for bloggers, this open-source project is a great choice for a wide range of applications--anywhere from e-commerce to lawyer websites to complicated web apps. Fun fact: whitehouse.gov is on WP, along with many other governmental entities and large companies.

The WP "ecosystem" is so large and advanced that there's a plugin (program that installs into Wordpress and extends it), a design template, or other established solution for nearly any problem. WP has been around longer than FaceBook and Twitter!

Wordpress is my go-to for small businesses of nearly any kind. It just works. Besides, the program itself is open-source--not owned by any company, and available to download with just a click of a button--how can you beat that?

Get in touch and let's talk about what kind of solution I can build for your project.

Car Crash Specialists

Legal product site for diminished value claims, built in Wordpress + Elementor, with a custom JavaScript app

Bibi Body Jewelry

Woocommerce + Wordpress custom site for independent jeweler

Drupal Press

Drupal "Clone" -- A site that has custom post types, custom display "views," and a custom contact form, in imitation of a typical Drupal install


Clean, minimalistic, breezy custom Wordpress Site

Miguel de Maria, Elegant Spanish Guitar

Site for independent musician, featuring blog, gallery, reviews, videos, and sound samples

Bona Fide Bankruptcy

Small law firm site, built in Wordpress + Elementor


Sophisticated design for an e-commerce shop

Game On

Minimalistic, clean custom Wordpress Site